This article is basically for Nigerian teachers and any other person considering a more profitable and sustainable career on the internet. The reason for preference to teachers is that I’m a teacher also.

As a begin­ner, I will like you to con­sid­er the fol­low­ing ques­tions

Will you be will­ing and ready to become a blog­ger in Nige­ria? Is blog­ging in itself a prof­itable career or busi­ness one can con­sid­er for a liv­ing? What is blog­ging and how can one start blog­ging on the inter­net?




Well, if this is your first time of read­ing about the word “blog­ging” or a total novice about what blog­ging is all about, then you’ve got to con­sid­er this arti­cle an impor­tant one for more than one rea­son.

In this arti­cle, I will attempt to give atten­tion to all the ques­tions raised above to the best of my abil­i­ty and expe­ri­ence.

On the oth­er hand, I will strong­ly rec­om­mend that on a per­son­al lev­el, you should car­ry out a research on the inter­net using ‘google search’ to sub­stan­ti­ate every sin­gle doubt you may nurse at the end of this arti­cle. This search may height­en your con­fi­dence on your find­ings and assist you to make and take an informed deci­sion as a per­son.

To begin, I will delib­er­ate­ly ignore the very first ques­tion on the list above for last (call it sav­ing the best for last…by Vanisa Williams), and begin with the sec­ond one…

Is Blog­ging a Prof­itable Career or Busi­ness One Can Con­sid­er for a Liv­ing?

To answer that ques­tion, I will like you to join me as I con­sid­er twelve (12) top Niger­ian blog­gers and their proven net worth (in Naira) by trust­ed author­i­ties:

  1. Lin­da Ike­ji (

In Nige­ria, if one has not heard about this name either on the inter­net or social media, then peo­ple will doubt what part of plan­et earth you must be hid­ing!

Yes, Lin­da Ike­ji is Nigeria’s rich­est blog­ger at the moment, who makes tonnes of mon­ey from her blog titled

Aside from her pop­u­lar blog, she is also a suc­cess­ful busi­ness woman whose net worth is now esti­mat­ed at $10 mil­lion by Forbes.

When she start­ed her blog in 2006, Lin­da did it with­out the inten­tion of mak­ing mon­ey online. Most of her blog posts bor­dered much on lat­est soci­ety gos­sip, celebri­ty talk and even details of her per­son­al life.

It was the kind of con­tent espe­cial­ly the sen­sa­tion­al arti­cles that brought about her blog’s pop­u­lar­i­ty and also her close engage­ment with read­ers earned her a huge fan base in Nige­ria and oth­er coun­tries.

How Much Does Lin­da Ike­ji Make in a Month?

While no one can give an actu­al amount of what her blog income is, we know that she makes up to $80,000(N28,800,000) per month (esti­mate) as rev­enue from the var­i­ous adverts placed on her blog.

Note: This amount keeps increas­ing every sin­gle year. The esti­mate quot­ed above is from a 2017 rev­e­la­tion and this net worth is L-E-G-I-T-I-M-A-T-E.


2. Jide Ogun­sanya (

This guy is an award win­ning blog­ger and dig­i­tal mar­keter. He is the own­er of This is a tuto­r­i­al blog, where Jide writes tech- relat­ed arti­cles. Ogbonge­blog con­tains all things tech, check it out to learn more. He has a net worth of over N21million.

3. Uche Eze Pedro (

She start­ed the first pop­u­lar blog is Nige­ria. Uche Pedro is an inspi­ra­tion to Lin­da Ike­ji, and it was because of her that Miss Ike­ji start­ed blog­ging. Uche Pedro runs Bel­laNai­ja a lifestyle and fash­ion blog, the blog has also grad­u­at­ed to a full media out­let. She’s worth over N2billion (can you beat that!)


4. Ovie Ofu­gara (

In my opin­ion, this guy has  the biggest music por­tal in Nige­ria. On this por­tal, one can down­load trend­ing music videos and audios, from Nige­ria and all around the world.  It receives over 1million views per month from 183 coun­tries, who ever owns this blog should be mak­ing some good mon­ey from advert.  And it has won best blog in Nige­ria, more than three times.

Ovie Ofu­gara is the cofounder and head of con­tent at, as far as music in Nige­ria is con­cerned he is very influ­en­tial. He also dou­bles as one of the edi­tors at He has a net worth of N800million.
He has a net worth of N800million.


5. Oni­balusi Bamidele (

Labusi (as we fond­ly call him)  is a cel­e­brat­ed free­lance writer, he has writ­ten for Forbes and many oth­er top mag­a­zines in the world. His blog is a go to source for those seek­ing to become suc­cess­ful free­lancers. Writ­ersin­charge also offers mas­ter class for writ­ers. He is worth over N1.6million, if not more as the time I was putting up this arti­cle.


6. Oladun­ni Lia­di (

Ola was men­tored by  Uche Pedro. At Ladun’s blog you get all form of news from this blog site. If you love to be enter­tained, this blog is a good one to vis­it. He net worth is some­where around N8million.


7. Noble Igwe (

This is  the CEO and founder of 360Nobs is an enter­tain­ment and lifestyle blog. This blogs con­tent includes music and lit­er­a­ture. Noble Igwe apart from being one of the top ten influ­en­tial blog­gers in Nige­ria, is also a fash­ion­ista.
Nobs (for short) has mul­ti­ple streams of income, and has upgrad­ed 360Nobs into a full media out­let. Noble Igwe has a net worth of over or close to N945million as at my last check.


8. Chude Jideon­wo (

Chude Jideon­wo is the CEO of RED media group. He owns (culled from “Young and Niger­ian”). His blog has been nick­named the “high priest of Niger­ian cul­ture.”

The blog is cul­ture dri­ven, and it fea­tures con­tent that high­lights the rich cul­ture of Nige­ria. Through its job aggre­ga­tion sec­tion, YNai­ja dis­plays job vacan­cies and has helped many Nige­ri­ans find mean­ing­ful employ­ment. You may have per­son­al­ly made use of his plat­form in ways more than one.
The youth-ori­ent­ed blog has seg­ments for dai­ly news, pol­i­tics, opin­ion, enter­prise, TV, teen, and lots more.

In 2016, Chude float­ed a char­i­ty orga­ni­za­tion with a sub­sidiary  known as Joy, Inc, reg­is­tered as a ben­e­fit cor­po­ra­tion based in Mia­mi, Flori­da, is also pio­neer­ing a new busi­ness mod­el, where all prof­its go to char­i­ties.

Its first prod­uct this year — The Joy Mas­ter­Class made about N500,000 ($1,370) in one day (“And we had a mas­sive wait­ing list: we could have done a mas­ter­class every 3 days and been ful­ly sub­scribed!” he said), all of which went to three select­ed char­i­ties – The Hearts of Gold Hos­pice, Men­tal­ly Aware Nige­ria, and She Writes Woman.


9. Omoyele Sowore (

This guy is a Niger­ian polit­i­cal activist.  He is the founder of the pop­u­lar, a news site that has been named “the Wik­ileaks of Africa” by The Dai­ly Beast. Based in New York City, Sahara Reporters is sup­port­ed by grants donat­ed by the Ford Foun­da­tion and the Omid­yar foun­da­tion.

The news web­site is noto­ri­ous for first-hand insid­er infor­ma­tion and con­spir­a­cy reports with­out fear of gov­ern­ment action. Sahara Reporters has received sev­er­al threats from indi­vid­u­als whose ille­gal activ­i­ties has been exposed on the web­site as well as from the Niger­ian gov­ern­ment. A recent report has it that ‘Sahara reporters can­not gross less than $3000 Adsense earn­ings per month’.

Accord­ing to Forbes, Omoyele’s net worth stands at $10Million.

In a recent arti­cle titled ‘How I Will Defeat Buhari In 2019-Omoyele Sowore’ he opined how this will be achieved see.  here»


10. Loy Okezie (

Despite being a grad­u­ate of Busi­ness Admin­is­tra­tion, Loy Okezie chose to carve a niche for him­self in the tech­nol­o­gy world. His blog, is the best tech-relat­ed blog in Nige­ria. The blog fea­tures authen­tic break­ing news in the tech world, tech prod­uct reviews, and tech mar­ket trends, among many more.

Loy Okezie start­ed blog­ging in 2008, with, but as the blog saw expo­nen­tial devel­op­ment, Loy changed the name to “Techloy.

Loy Okieze chose to stand out amongst blog­gers in Nige­ria by delv­ing into the tech­nol­o­gy niche. Most Niger­ian blog­gers see the enter­tain­ment niche as the only gold­mine, but Loy Okieze chose a unique niche, techonol­o­gy, to pro­mote on his web­site — Cur­rent­ly, he’s  one of the most sought after blog­gers in the area of I.T and tech­nol­o­gy. As at the time of fil­ing in this report, I had no clues about his recent finan­cial worth in the Niger­ian com­mu­ni­ty.( You can find that out your­self).

11. Mola Ogun­dele (

This young man is the founder of, Nigeria’s best known online music brand. The blog fea­tures the hottest gist about the Niger­ian music scene. One fac­tor that has helped the blog grow in pop­u­lar­i­ty in recent times is its part­ner­ship with top musi­cians and music pro­duc­ers. Nige­ri­ans love music and any­thing relat­ed to music. And since Mola Ogun­dele is giv­ing it to them just as they want it, his blog keeps grow­ing by leaps and bounds.


12. Makinde Azeez (

You must have heard of, Makinde Azeez is the man behind it. He found­ed nai­jaloaded in 2009 and has over 500,000 reg­is­tered users on his web­site. He isn’t as pop­u­lar as the oth­er celebri­ty blog­gers, but his web­site is well known and very pop­u­lar, espe­cial­ly amongst the youths.

In my opin­ion, these blog­gers deserve the acco­lades they get because this busi­ness is extreme­ly tough. For one thing blog­ging requires so much cre­ativ­i­ty and unique­ness and not many peo­ple have these amaz­ing qual­i­ties to offer.

How­ev­er, let me remind you how we start­ed this arti­cle… I did men­tion from the onset that I will give atten­tion to the sec­ond ques­tion in a series of three, that is, “Is blog­ging in itself a prof­itable career or busi­ness one can con­sid­er for a liv­ing?”

With the wealth of infor­ma­tion you’ve gath­ered so far, how would you answer that ques­tion? Don’t tell me…I know  or can guess your response already.

The Last but Not Least…
before we answer the next question on this series in my next article, permit me to introduce one last guy to you. This guy is the most silent voice in the blogging and social media world. You will NEVER see his images in any forum, platform or the internet at large (I keep wondering why and how he does it).

Do not take my word for it, he’s the brain behind the suc­cess­es of about 90% of all blog­gers in Nige­ria, since vir­tu­al­ly all of them (includ­ing my hum­ble self, learned from him). I per­son­al­ly call this guy “The Guru of the Gurus.” This guy has over 1,000 pub­lished arti­cles on the inter­net and still counting…the list will be ful­ly told to you in due course.

The most inter­est­ing part of this arti­cle is his rev­e­la­tion in a short video in 2014 that I had access to, reveal­ing how he made more than 3.1 Mil­lion naira in prof­its from just ONE of his blogs in  sin­gle month. I will not want you to miss this once-in-a-life­time-oppor­tu­ni­ty.

In the video he’s going to tell you his name.

Please CLICK on the link below to see the REVELATION

In my next arti­cle, I will give atten­tion to the very next ques­tion in this series, which is:

What is blog­ging and how can one start blog­ging on the inter­net?”

Watch out!

In Sum­ma­ry: In this arti­cle, I have told you:

  • That Nige­ri­ans make a liv­ing from blog­ging;
  • That blog­ging is a legit­i­mate career and busi­ness
  • That both males and females can blog
  • That you can copy the exam­ples of oth­er suc­cess­ful blog­gers and make a liv­ing also

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