Join me in thanking ALMIGHTY GOD for sparing our lives to see a new, beautiful beginning this 2019. Its going to be the most fulfilled year for you and your family. Whatever I wish you I wish myself also.

Back to what we have up there at the subject matter…“Before You Quit Your Job.” I had to spend some time on this through the night subject to some mails I received from most of my colleagues in our most noble profession (teaching).

Agreed, most of us never studied Education professionally at school. Personally I did not read Education. I graduated from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO) reading Maritime Technology. But see me. In the past 18 years I found myself teaching from one private school to another, hoping for the best.

For some of us who have uncles and aunties already placed high up there, we hoped they would assist us to get a better place. Year in, year out you keep hoping they will link you somewhere….for how many years running now? Nobody wants to link anybody. Why? They just can’t deliver because there are higher powers above them also.

So, you give up and surrounded to what is available. That’s how most of us became teachers. For some, they’ve told themselves they admire the profession and went studying Education. For such colleagues, they have their psyche made up for the teaching profession from day one.

However, due to the salary reality in this country when it comes to the teaching profession, most persons start to regret their kind of job. About 90% of teachers I have poled in the past wish they had a better and juicy offer apart from this ‘useless’ teaching profession. All for what? The take home is like a curse.

As a result, many of us in this profession has decided come this 2019, I will not resume as a teacher again. Never in my life.

That’s okay. But have you really thought through your decision? If you’ve thought through it,no wahala.

Let me assume you are a family man or woman like me. This is a hypothetical situation. Let us say you decide to quit your job come 7th January, 2019. Fine. My question to you is…Do you have enough savings that will take care of your family comfortably for the next, at least 6 months, while you will be looking for another offer somewhere you really admire?

Again, if you have children (I have 3) like me and your wife or husband is bearly managing as well, how do you pay for their school fees (if they attend a private school like mine) before you get a new placement? Will you leave the whole responsibility to your mate? Can you bear it?

That’s on the one side. Let us still hold on to my imagination that you must quit your job now, now. When you quit, are you starting a trade immediately? This trade or business you are about to begin, have you really been trained in it for some time in the past? Do you know the thrills and tricks involved in this business?

Do you know any other person doing this business? How are they coping with daily expenses? How do they source supplies? Who are their customers? What time do they devote to such business?

I read a book by Robert Greene, titled ‘Mastery’. In the book, the guy said, ‘Before anyone can fully gain mastery of any trade, skills or business, it takes up to 10 years.’ 

Yes, 10 good years. No wonder these Igbo apprenticeship in any of their businesses takes a minimum of 6 years. Ask anyone around you! After the training, some of the boys will still be with their ‘oga’ for another 2 or 3 years understanding where supplies come from and managed.

So, you are quitting your job and going for a business or whatever. Have you tested the ‘waters?’ Have you done you your homework thoroughly?

In your mind you may be thinking, ‘So Mr. Ben, what are you trying to say? Should I remain in this bad condition while I suffer in pain? What are you driving at Mr. Ben?’

Dear friend, far from it. Recall what I’m aiming at here….Before You Quit Your Job.

This is my suggestion. While you are still keeping this your present job because of family and personal upkeep, you can start spreading your CV for better offers somewhere. If I may ask you. Since we went on this last holiday and during the holiday, how many applications did you distribute to any other organizations?

If it is your school management (my assumption applies to NYSC members also) that is the wahala, how many CV did you distribute to any other bigger and better school in your community?

I tell you what!

Once a friend of mine, Edwin by name came to Lagos for the first time. The guy read Electrical Engineering. He made 125 copies of his CV. He said, Ben na you know Lagos. Come take me waka. I go pay the T-fare, no worry.

Before my eyes, within 3 days this guy distributed all 125 CVs, both to Banks, schools, oil companies…just anywhere.

Behold! This settled for a bank. Four called him the same day. That was some years back. As we speak, Edwin is an international staff in UK with another organization.

The lesson? You must learn to stretch yourself further. I know you are not lazy, but much more needs to be done from your side. You must look before you leap. This year, how many of your CVs will you distribute? Will it exceeded my friend’s own? You must do something for something to change.

It is often said that we will get the same results if we continue to do the same things we used to do. So, if things must change, then you must change the wy you do things. That’s the bitter truth. That’s the wisdom in living.

Can You Volnteer? Can you volunteer to work for free on a particular business you admire? Just pretend you want to assist the boss in that field. That your weekend can be free for such to assist. From there you learn the ropes of such trade.

Do you prefer working on the internet? What particular area on the cyber space are you interested in? Do you have a computer already? Do you know you will need money to buy data to be able to access the internet? Do you have access to electricity? Are you good at typing and doing basic operations on the computer already?

Since the world is going more digital (whether you like it or not that is what has come to stay) can you develop a skill that will make you stand out for yourself? If you do not have a small laptop for now, can you try and save towards obtaining one (not tab or smart phone please)

I will suggest you also budget small money for obtaining self development books. You see, in life you need mentors. You cannot do it all alone. A man once said that ‘The friends you keep and the Books you read will determine where you will be in the next 5 years. We will talk more on this as the year progresses.

That was what I did, while maintaining my job (no, I did not quit my job), I made the best of it while I was developing myself beyond what my school management knew. Today my story is changing beyond what you can imagine.I am a sort-after coach as I write this. And given some time I’m going to coach how to become a professional blogger that can generate consistent income on the internet.

The funny truth is that I’m still keeping my job. Yes, I’m still in my school teaching. I have my bigger plans and dreams.

Well, friend, I have many things to teach you that will make your story change as well. I mean every word of it. This piece is long enough already. I know I still have much to say but let’s keep it at this for now.

In the next few weeks, I will publish more content on this issue. Make sure you open and read every post I publish on this on blog.

So, there you have it. 

For me, gaining experience online as a blogger has been the best decision I have ever made. For instance, I always like mentioning my mentor, Joe Okoro. This guy has made me seen that no matter how long the process might be, remaining as a professional blogger puts you above all your colleagues.

Kindly check one of his work here>>

You too can learn the ropes from me. That’s why, this year let us work on a project that can help change your story gradually.

You can learn about that here>>

Feel free to shoot me any mail at if you have any questions bugging your mind.

You can read more about my story here>>

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As a beginner, one big and sometimes confusing issue is deciding the niche of your blog. Many wonder what should they blog about!

Well, to begin with, you need to know about your passion. Every niche has its own audience who search for content related to their interests. Writing about your passion helps you continuously come up with great content ideas as your blog grows. So, if I may ask you, what really are you passionate about? What in particular can you do for free, without blinking an eye lid just because you enjoy doing it? Can you point a finger to any?

I will give you some time to ponder on this- because this is the ONLY  drive that will sustain you in this new career if every other thing falters.

Let’s take a look at the most popular types of blogs that exist. At the end of this post you might just stumble on the one you may passionately fall in love with and make a decision on blogging about. They come in no particular order.

Let’s get started, shall we!

  1. Fashion Blogs

Fashion blogs are one of the most popular types of blogs on the internet. It’s a big industry with a huge global audience, even here in Nigeria. Fashion bloggers get invited to major events, receive special perks, merchandise, and even business deals by top fashion brands.


These types of blogs are good for creative people with a keen eye for style and fashion. You can start a fashion blog and start making money online by following some guide.

A good example of a fashion blog is: Start A Fashion Blog

2. Fitness Blogs

Another popular type of blog is the fitness blog. Fitness blogs has been a hot trend since they cover important topics like health and general fitness. People all over the world rely on the internet to seek advice on how to stay fit. It’s a great opportunity for fitness instructors to start a fitness blog and get clients online. If you are not a fitness coach but have an inner drive for fitness, do you know you can become an expert through thorough research for your audience!

These types of bloggers write about diets, diet plans, workouts, supplements, and more. Fitness bloggers can also create video content to explain different exercises to their audience. You can monetize your website and videos using Google AdSense and affiliate marketing.

Example of  fitness blog is: Fitness Blog

3. Food Blogs

Food blogs are another popular blog type. It attracts a lot of readers who are interested in recipes, ingredients, healthy eating, fine dining, and other food related stories.

Many food bloggers just start with something as simple as their local restaurant reviews or local food recipes. However, as their blog grows so does their interests and target audience. They start covering other food related topics as well. You can personally do a research on on how to start a food blog if this appeals to you.

An example on guide isat : Food Blog

4. Travel Blogs

Travel blogs are becoming more popular each day. Due to cheap air travel, people are traveling more than ever, and they are always looking for travel tips, advice, and destination guides.

These blogs make it easy for other travelers to learn about a destination they have never been to. If you are a traveler or you admire issues on traveling, then I will recommend you create your travel blog-who knows!

Example of travel blog: Travel Blog


 5. Music Blogs

Music blogs has a wide audience who search for critiques on the best and trending music. Music lovers enjoy songs from different languages, cultures and norms.

The music industry has big potential for bloggers to write about different types of music like jazz, pop, heavy metal, famous singers, and more. Some Nigerian bloggers are making a fortune in this lucrative niche. In my earlier post on ‘Top Secrets Revealed About Nigerian Bloggers’ I made mention of one of such. Go see that article again here>>.

An example of such blog here in Nigeria is: TenString

6. DIY(Do-It-Yourself) Blogs

DIY blogs are very interesting and have a huge audience. It has multiple sub-types like arts and crafts, construction, wood-work, metal-work and more. This niche involves some technical skills to meet the needs of your audience.

These interesting DIY activities would encourage visitors to try new stuff and share it with the trainer/blogger. DIY blogs may involve a lot of communication which is great for blogging. Do you possess any skill you may want to teach on the internet? Then this type of blog will be the best choice for you.

Example of DIY blog is: Tonye

7. Sports Blogs

With the prevalence of sports betting and the likes, sports blogs are becoming another interesting type of blogs online. Every country in the world has different sports and every sport has its own stars.

Sports blogging may also include bloggers who are writing paid content for teams, athletes, and other organizations.

The other format in sports blogging is to write about latest events all over the world. Furthermore, bloggers share live status of multiple sports on their Twitter accounts automatically linked to the blogs. Others create websites primarily for sports betting. If this appeals to you, why don’t you stick with this type of blog!

Example of sports blog is: Who’s Blogging Nigerian Football?

8. Finance Blogs

A lot of us need help and advice to manage our finances efficiently. This gives finance blogs a wide audience ranging from serious investors to families trying to save for a better future.

Personal finance blogs share advice for businesses, investors, startups, estate managers, individuals and families. It’s a good blog niche for the people interested in the complex world of managing money and generating wealth. If you are a finance freak, I will strongly recommend you start a blog on this niche.

Example of a finance blog is: Jarushub

9. Political Blogs

Political blogs have perhaps the most passionate audience of all. In Nigeria for instance, our political freak stars want to be engaged and be informed with the latest gist. Bloggers in this niche cover news on politics, analysis of political news, and can quickly build a very large engaging audience.

It has become common for the big political affiliates to hire their own blogging team. These bloggers share the agenda of the political party and write about their policies / plans to attract more people towards the representatives. The engagement in a politics blog is endless and controversial. If you are passionate about politics you have a huge audience waiting for you already. You can develop your blog on it.

Example of a politics blog: SaharaReporters

10. Parenting Blogs

Parenting blogs have a huge, passionate, and highly engaged audience. New parents worry a lot and are always willing to improve their parenting skills.

Mom blogs, dad blogs and kid blogs, all have different styles of writing. These blogs may involve activities with kids, guidance on food, techniques for early home education and much more. Again, these blogs always contain the emotional touch that attracts a huge audience. It’s a promising niche. If you are the parenting type and have a passion for parenting issues, you can build your blog around this niche.

Example of a parent blog is: First Time Mom

11. Business Blogs


Another type of very popular blog is the business blog. Business blogs are the professional blogs related to the corporate agencies, industries and the likes. They offer a casual way to communicate with customers and educate them about a business product or service being offered.

An example of different business blogs can be seen at: Business in Nigeria

12. Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle blogs are the most popular type of blogs you can find online. They have a variety of readers, interested in topics ranging from culture, arts, local news, and politics. This gives the blogger a wide range of topics to cover, making it easier to plan their content strategy.

Lifestyle bloggers get opportunities to become influencers, to become writers for other publications, become a speaker, and they can partner with businesses who are working to make a difference in the society. If this appeals to you, it is a niche you can develop and make a killing from with time.

Example of a lifestyle blog: SISI YEMMIE

13. Movie Blogs

Do you know a movie blogger is technically referred to as a vlogger? Yes, that’s the name. Movie blogs share news and reviews of new movies and the film industry in general. They have a large audience on the internet. Bloggers are invited to watch premium shows before the public release of such  movies, so they can write reviews and generate buzz about an upcoming movie.

Some Nigerians run this type of blogs successfully also. An example of a movie blog in Nigeria is:


14. Car (Automobile) Blogs

Car blogs are usually about luxury and sports cars, maintenance and services of such exotic cars.

They cover a wide range of topics including latest car models, their features, engineering, and more. They can even partner up with local car dealerships for business opportunities. These blogs have all the information about modern cars, vintage cars, safety tips for drivers, maintenance and more.

Many people get attracted to good cars and spend a lot of time in reading about features of their favorite cars online. It’s a great niche to adopt as a blog type for car lovers.

Some bloggers also write about car financing tips, financing calculators, corporate and banks offers, and finance schedules. It helps the reader find cars in their budget without visiting showrooms.

Example of a car blog is: Auto Josh

15. News Blogs

I tend to rate this type of blog with a political blog. Somehow, I feel they go hand-in-hand.

News blogs cover local news and are a great way for journalism students to build up their resume and sharpen their skills. They can cover a wide range of topics or limit to a particular news section. News blogs are not just about sharing news. They also include opinion pieces to share blogger’s own perspective of the news (my personal analysis).

A news blog is updated more frequently to cover latest happenings. News can be about anything like climate change, scientific innovations, technology, politics, religion, sports, entertainment and more. Big media outlets have several bloggers to work on each of these sub-types in news blogging. Such bloggers working for media houses are paid on an agree commission.

Example of a news blog is:

16. Pet Blogs

I was surprised to see a pet blog on my list. I met this online (image on top). Pet blogs are much more common in western countries where pets are a household culture thing. Here in Nigeria where most people are struggling for a living, I really doubt if blogs like this will sell better.

Well, for the interest of someone out there like my guy on the pix above,  who might be interested in this niche I have to mention  it on my list.

Pet blogs have a great readership online that includes pet owners, animal lovers, animal shelters, and people looking for pets. Pet bloggers share tips on keeping pets healthy, pet grooming, pet food, and training.

Animal foster homes also write about their efforts to protect and save animals (Nigeria is way backward in this respect). Pet bloggers can partner up with businesses selling pet care products to generate revenue. If this is your passion, I will recommend you do a thorough research before jumping in on this niche.

Example of pet blog is: WellingFeller

17. Gaming Blogs

Gaming blogs cater to a large community of gamers looking for articles about latest games, gaming hardware, events, game cheats, sports betting and more. This community has grown significantly in the recent years, especially in Nigeria.

Most gaming blogs belong to gamers, reviewers, and official communities of big game developing agencies. Some of these blogs have international events for gamers and reward plans for the winners.

This niche is a popular blog type and growing everyday worldwide.

An example of a gaming blog is: FavvyTech

NOTE: This is just a small list I came up with. It not exhaustive or limited to these lists above. There are more types of blogs you can choose from from the blogosphere.

Once you have chosen your blog’s niche, the next step is to find blog post ideas that you can use on your blog. You can check out this massive list of blog post ideas that you can use right away.

That’s all. We hope this article help you find the most popular types of blogs you need to grow.


Do you know why blogging is for you how you start a profitable blog? Find out here>>

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I was looking at my adverts on a popular network some few days back  and discovered that many of the clicks and visitors I got which translated to subscribers were searching out for me using the keywords…

“How to start a blog”

“How to create a blog”

“How to create a blog website”

“How to create a blog page”

“How to make money with a blog” etcetera, etcetera

You see when people in Nigeria think about setting up a blog, this is what comes to their mind.

They think their blog must be focused on current affairs, gossip, and entertainment for it to be profitable.

They think because Linda Ikeji and other popular bloggers in that arena who have been so successful get so much traffic, that they will get the same results as well.

The next thing that comes to their mind is to sign up with Google Adsense or any of the network that publishes advert content on peoples blog and pay them peanut for doing so.

The funny thing is, even those who succeed in getting a Google Adsense approved and place on their website suddenly discovers that they are not getting enough traffic. And for those getting little traffic, they could not convert it to money for themselves.

Now listen up… If you want to build a successful and profitable blog that you are 100% in control of, you can do so by employing a different strategy.

And that strategy can be used to set up a blog in any career or market of your choice, and depending on how creative your ideas are and the angle you are marketing from, you can create an amazing and profitable blog doing the exact opposite of what Linda Ikeji and others are doing.

And to do that here are the blueprints you need to have

  1. Set Up Your Blog
  2. Write great content
  3. Drive Traffic
  4. Build Newsletter List
  5. Monetize

Before you go ahead with the above steps, I want you to bear in mind the following expectations.

  •  Writing great content for your readers is the hardest part, but it gets easier overtime, especially if you want to build a real business that will provide a solid income for you for several years.
  • Blogging is easy, but it takes a while for relationship and profit to start rolling in. The model I teach is the fastest blogging model to make money and it’s opposed to the popular model that others spend 1 – 2 years before they start making money.
  • Attracting visitors to your blog is the single most important factor that will make it possible for you to make or earn money from your effort. Fortunately, if you know how to pay for traffic, you can easily attract up to 1000 – 2000 daily visitors to your blog.

Now let’s move on to the 5 steps you need to build in order to create a profitable blog that you can leverage your business upon.


  1. Setting Up Your Blog

I’m sure many people know how easy it is to set up a free blogger account at Other blogs can also be set-up on the free WordPress platform.

However, I do not recommend you start a blog on a free platform because it doesn’t look professional, and it makes the person behind the blog appear unserious and unprofessional.

Truth is a free blog account can be lost at anytime. Sometimes, the owners of these blogspot accounts start deleting accounts if they feel you’re not following some rules.

However, when you are serious about setting up a blog, you should buy a domain name and hosting and set it up there so that you have full control of the blog and publish whatever pleases you on that account.

And if you don’t know how to set up a blog, you can find a tutorial here.

  1. Write Great Content

Writing great content is one area many people find difficult to do.

If you are a beginner, you may think that it’s impossible to consistently write great content. If you want to write great content, you will need to subscribe to many newsletters in your market. This will give you an idea of the area that people who are in that market want article written on.

So when you get emails from these newsletters, you will need to look at those ideas, and pick an area that is applicable to your local market and write about it. And if you’re blank or you don’t know what to write, Google is there to help you. Just type the subject line of what you want to write about, and you will get many results.

Sort them, read as many as 10 or more different pieces of information, select and highlight ideas that applies to your local audience. Then sit down and develop whatever you’ve jotted.

Add your own experience and at the end of the day, you’ll come out with a very unique and original article that your readers will fall for.

Granted, in the beginning, it will be difficult, but when you continue to write, overtime, you’ll start getting good with researching and writing, and above all you will become more educated in that area that you can sit down and write a whole article from  your head on that market.

  1. Drive Traffic

Traffic is the life blood of any business when it comes to online marketing. If you don’t have visitors coming to your website, no matter how good your contents are, you will not get anyone to interact with you on your blog.

It’s just like setting up a shop in the middle of the desert and expecting people to come and buy your goods or services.

Traditional blogging employs SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get website visitors to their sites. And that is why many people do not believe in blogging because it takes a lot of time to optimize your website and get it to start receiving targeted visitors.

You know what? I hate SEO because you simply cannot control the traffic and you’re helpless when you depend on SEO to power the traffic to your blog. If you depend on SEO, you’ll wait for as much as 6 months – 3 years before your blog picks up and start making you money.

I’m sure you don’t have that type of time to wait. Because  Google is crazy, they change their algorithm anytime they wish, so even if your blog starts receiving visitors, a single change from Google will suffocate your blog from receiving visitors.

So what’s the solution?

Buy the traffic. Forget free traffic

To buy the traffic, you simply visit high trafficked websites and place banner adverts there that redirects to your blog.

Huge websites like, Punchonline newspaper, etc, offer services like this. If you want to scale your business up, you better buy clicks from giants like Facebook, Google Adwords, etc.

And with funds as low as N2000, you can start getting the exact type of audience you want to your blog in 15 minutes or less.

And if your blog is well monetized, you should be able to triple any amount you spend in adverts from the traffic you funnel to your blog.

If you’re confused on how to set up a blog, then the Advanced Blog Training Course for Beginners  will help you figure it out.

You can register for my advanced blog training on the link below:

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  1. Build An eMail List

Most people who set up blogs do not have a newsletter list. That is so sad because these bloggers are simply leaving a lot of money on the table. In my blog training course, I will be showing you how this can be done effectively and professionally

If you want to start commanding huge income from blogging, then you should be building a list from day one.

When I was starting out in the past, I made that same mistake. I ran a few free blogs on my Basic Technology product and my school blog, although I was blogging for fun then.

My Free blogs still operate but linked now directly to my professional handle. You can see the links and Home pages below here:

My Free Blogs:

Over a short time, I noticed that I missed out on a golden opportunity of trapping emails of those who came to my blog.

The few images below shows the the dashboard of my free blogs at

See the images below:



From the screenshot above, If I had incorporated an email funnel software, I would have gathered a lot of subscribers. On the marked-out section you can see the number of persons visiting my free blog but none is captured as the time.

However now, the story has changed. 

So, as a beginner I will be mentoring you shortly on how to set up an autoresponder system from the very beginning. Do not repeat my past mistakes.

When  you build a list as you blog, something magical starts to happen to your blog career. You’ll be in total control of the people who visits your blog.


When someone subscribes to your newsletter, you now have the person’s name and email address and that person has given you permission to send him/her updates and tips on your market.

That permission to send emails to subscribers is the most powerful asset you have and you need to work hard to protect that trust.

And when you give real value in response to this, you become a money magnet when you publish any newsletter. I will tell you how this is done in the last point on monetizing.

The purpose of building a list is to continuously afford you the privilege of emailing your readers each time you publish a new post on your blog.

  1. Monetizing Your Blog

Have you ever imagined sending an email out and making as much as N100k – N200k in a short period of time?

Do you know that it is very easy to send out just one email and make as much as N100k in a single week if you have a blog that has a following of thousands of readers?

In my own case, each time I write a blog post, on those days that these posts go live, I make as much as N50,000 – N150,000 in a single week. Or how else could you explain why I keep writing you great articles like this one from time to time.

It is because it is profitable for me to properly mentor people on how to do these things. And more importantly, this knowledge people are getting from me will be transforming lives in droves  when they implement my training.

So it’s a WIN, WIN situation.  My blog reader benefits from my posts, and I benefit as well, because I truly added value.

The same thing will happen to you if you decide to follow this model, because it is a fundamental success principle.

Now take a look at this blog you’re presently reading this article from, did you see any adverts that resemble Google Adsense  adverts?

I’m sure what you’re seeing are banner adverts at the right hand side of this blog. These banner adverts are there for a reason.

Now let me ask you.

Would you prefer being paid $50 (N18,000) per week from clicks on adverts on your blog, when 1,000 people visits [Google Adsense],


would you rather prefer making N70,000 from clicks from the same number of people?

I’m sure any sane person would go for the latter. Now this is what happens when you have Google Adsense on your site.

Let’s assume Google is paying you 25% of the bid amount that each subscriber pays per click.

Now let’s say that the advertiser pays Google 20 cents per click ($0.2). 25% of $0.2 = $0.05 (Google pays you 5 cents per click)

That means if you get 1000 people to click on those adverts, you’ll make 1000 x $0.05 = $50 = N18,000  (i.e. using 2019 dollar estimate $50 x N360 = N18,000).

On the flip side of the equation, what about if you own the same advert that people click on, and that advert has a product that sells for N4500.[Or that you make an affiliate commission of N4500 from]

Let us assume that the same 1000 people click on that advert, and just 2 percent (2%) of those people purchase that product. That would be: 0.02 x 1000 = 20 sales 20 x N4500 = N90,000.

So in the first case with someone who had a Google Adsense, he will only make N18,000 which is $50.

And in the second case (let’s term it Smart Blogging), this blogger makes N90,000 with the same amount of website visitors in the same time frame.

And guess what! In the first case where you’re paid $50 from Google, the owners of those adverts placed on your blog by Google and clicked by visitors you generate actually made that N90,000 while you are there struggling for crumbs.

So you can see. It is more powerful and profitable to blog the smart way like I do because you will be totally in charge of both your traffic and your income.

And to monetize your blog to profitability, you will need to place banner adverts of your own products or the ones that you are affiliated with in other to be paid from the proceeds of the traffic that you generate.

If you want to start creating this type of income scenario in your blogging career, then get started with the Advanced Blog Training Course for Beginners  now.


Click Here To Register For The Advanced Blog Training Course


Smart Blogging is an interesting way to keep making a consistent income when you’re passionate about your niche, and really concerned about meeting the needs of your readers.

And according to Zig Ziglar“If you help enough people to get what they want, you will get everything you ever wanted in life”.

Blogging is one way to help “enough” people achieve what they want, while getting paid for helping them. It’s always a WIN, WIN Course! If you’ve enjoyed this piece, use one of the buttons below to share with your friends.

See you at the top,


Welcome to the second part in this series of three-part question from my previous article that gave attention to the question about the profitability potential in blogging. If you missed out on that beautiful article, please go read about it here>>

A closer look at the question above shows a new coinage to the actual question I raised the other day. The original question was “What is blogging and how can one start blogging on the internet?” (do you recall?)

Well, I had to re-coin or re frame that question so as to make it more personal to my readers (like you). You are  the one who’s going  to discover the answer to that very important question and make a decision as to what to do next with the information.

But as I will always maintain in this platform, this whole idea is tailored to help beginners from the very scratch of blogging to becoming a professional blogger with time-with special focus on teachers like me.

 Now let’s get you started shall we!

What is a Blog?


The word blog, from my little research is coined from the words ‘web log’.

Definitions: A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Wikipedia

According to First Site Guide, A blog (shortening of “weblog”) is an online journal or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their views on an individual subject.


Other Words Associated With Blog

Blogger (n.) – an individual who is the blog owner. Person who keeps the blog alive (posting new posts, sharing latest news, information, case-studies, opinions etc…)

Blog Post – An article or writing that is inside the blog. For example, the article you are currently reading is a “blog post” that is wrote for my blog.

Blog – to start a blog, to keep a blog, to find a blog – I’m going to find a blog about health and fitness.

Blogging  the action of maintaining/writing a blog – While blogging, I’m able to share information that I feel is important, helpful or interesting for others.

Now you know.


To be successful as a blogger there is really just one requirement: a passion for your what you do online.

At its heart, blogging is about sharing your knowledge with the world. Choosing a topic that you are passionate about makes the process of starting a successful blog so much easier. Writing about more than one topic is totally fine too. As long as you are writing about things that you are genuinely interested in, your passion will shine through and keep your readers interested.

So why would you go to the trouble of blogging? There are a few reasons:


Make money from home: Blogging can be quite lucrative if done correctly. The top bloggers in the world obviously earn quite a bit, but even a part-time blogger can expect to make a nice profit if things are done correctly. The best part about it is that blogging is a form of passive income, since you can spend just a few hours a week writing a blog post and then continue to make money from it long after the blog post is written. I go into much more detail on how to blog for money later in this guide.



Share your story:  A blog allows you to have a voice and be heard. You can share your story with the entire world if you so choose. One of the most common ways blogs are used are as a diary where the blogger writes about their daily experiences so that friends, family, and others can all be a part of their lives.




Recognition for yourself or your business: No, you probably won’t have paparazzi following you around because of your latest blog post. But a successful blog can gain you a ton of recognition in your respective field.

Many bloggers are known as experts just because of their blogs, and some have even gotten book and movie deals based on their blogs.


Find a community: Blogging at its heart is interactive. You write a blog post and people comment on it. This is a great way to connect with people who are interested in the same things as you are. Blogging allows you to teach these people based on your experience, and it gives you the opportunity to learn from your readers as well.

The good news is that the internet is exploding with growth right now. More people than ever are online. This explosion in growth means more potential readers for your blog. In short, if you are thinking about starting a blog then there is no better time than right now.

So, just how do you start a blog?

How to Start a Blog in 6 Steps

Pick a blog name: Choose something descriptive. I must state here that at this juncture, look inwards. Find out what makes you happy. What do you like talking about? What is it you can do for free?


The name should synchronize with your passion. For example, I like talking about personal income and how to generate multiple income streams. As such my domain name became ‘sure income tips.’


Hence, all through my blog I always talk about strategies you can take to multiply your income, either through blogging or writing online.

Get your blog online. Register your blog and get hosting. This you can do by choosing a hosting company. Some sell the domain name only while others sell both domain name and host at the same time. There are a number of companies out there, but the one I personally use here in Nigeria is called Host Now Now.
You can go check them out. For a year subscription, you pay not more than N5,000 only. It is the cheapest out there for now and they deliver a smooth service.

Customize your blog. Choose a free template and tweak it. The best for now is WordPress.

Write & publish your first post. 

The fun part!Promote your blog. Get more people to read your blog.

Make money blogging. Choose from several options to monetize your blog

Conclusion: The beauty of all I’ve said above is that you can learn these simple steps professionally to be able to stand out from the crowd.

One thing beginners ask is, ‘what type of blog can I run?’
This will be the issue I will give attention to in my next post.

If you’ve learned anything from this post, kindly leave me a comment at the comment box so as to know what you think.

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Watch out for my next article on ‘Types of Blogs.’ 

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I’m Benaiah.

This article is basically for Nigerian teachers and any other person considering a more profitable and sustainable career on the internet. The reason for preference to teachers is that I’m a teacher also. Again teachers are known to mould lives, despite their general low income state here in Nigeria

As a beginner, I will like you to consider the following questions:

Will you be willing and ready to become a blogger in Nigeria? Is blogging in itself a profitable career or business one can consider for a living? What is blogging and how can one start blogging on the internet?




Well, if this is your first time of reading about the word “blogging” or a total novice about what blogging is all about, then you’ve got to consider this article an important one for more than one reason.

In this article, I will attempt to give attention to all the questions raised above to the best of my ability and experience. On the other hand, I will strongly recommend that on a personal level, you should carry out a research on the internet using ‘google search’ to substantiate every single doubt you may nurse at the end of this article. This search may heighten your confidence on your findings and assist you to make and take an informed decision as a person.

To begin, I will deliberately ignore the very first question on the list above for last (call it saving the best for last…by Vanisa Williams), and begin with the second one…

Is Blogging a Profitable Career or Business One Can Consider for a Living?

To answer that question, I will like you to join me as I consider ten (10) top Nigerian bloggers and their proven net worth (in Naira) by trusted authorities:

  1. Linda Ikeji (

In Nigeria, if one has not heard about this name either on the internet or social media, then people will doubt what part of planet earth you must be hiding!

Yes, Linda Ikeji is Nigeria’s richest blogger at the moment, who makes tonnes of money from her blog titled

Aside from her popular blog, she is also a successful business woman whose net worth is now estimated at $10 million by Forbes.


When she started her blog in 2006, Linda did it without the intention of making money online. Most of her blog posts bordered much on latest society gossip, celebrity talk and even details of her personal life.

It was the kind of content especially the sensational articles that brought about her blog’s popularity and also her close engagement with readers earned her a huge fan base in Nigeria and other countries.

How Much Does Linda Ikeji Make In a Single Month?

From my little research on the internet her net-worth from Forbes revelation is $10 million, which translates to N3.6 Billion every single year.(You can personally make your own search to be more accurate anyway).

While no one can give an actual amount of what her blog income is, we know that she makes up to $80,000(N28,800,000) per month (estimate) as revenue from the various adverts placed on her blog.

Note: This amount keeps increasing every single year. The estimate quoted above is from a 2017 revelation and this net worth is L-E-G-I-T-I-M-A-T-E.


2. Jide Ogunsanya (

This guy is an award winning blogger and digital marketer. He is the owner of This is a tutorial blog, where Jide writes tech- related articles. Ogbongeblog contains all things tech, check it out to learn more. He has a net worth of over N21million.

3. Uche Eze Pedro (

She started the first popular blog is Nigeria. Uche Pedro is an inspiration to Linda Ikeji, and it was because of her that Miss Ikeji started blogging. Uche Pedro runs BellaNaija a lifestyle and fashion blog, the blog has also graduated to a full media outlet. She’s worth over N2billion (can you beat that!)

4. Ovie Ofugara (

In my opinion, this guy has  the biggest music portal in Nigeria. On this portal, one can download trending music videos and audios from Nigeria and all around the world.  It receives over a million views per month from 183 countries, who ever owns this blog should be making some good money from advert.  And it has won best blog in Nigeria, more than 3 times.  Ovie Ofugara is the co-founder and head of content at, as far as music in Nigeria is concerned he is very influential. He also doubles as one of the editors at He has a net worth of N800million.
He has a net worth of N800million.

5. Onibalusi Bamidele (

Labusi is a celebrated freelance writer, he has written for Forbes and many other top magazines in the world. His blog is a go to source for those seeking to become successful freelancers. Writersincharge also offers master class for writers. He is worth over N1.6million, if not more as the time I was putting up this article.


6. Oladunni Liadi (

Ola was mentored by  Uche Pedro. At Ladun’s blog you get all form of news from this blog site. If you love to be entertained, this blog is a good one to visit. He net worth is somewhere around N8million.


7. Noble Igwe (

This is  the CEO and founder of 360Nobs is an entertainment and lifestyle blog. This blogs content includes music and literature. Noble Igwe apart from being one of the top ten influential bloggers in Nigeria, is also a fashionista.
Nobs (for short) has multiple streams of income, and has upgraded 360Nobs into a full media outlet. Noble Igwe has a net worth of over or close to N945million as at my last check.


8. Chude Jideonwo

Chude Jideonwo is the CEO of RED media group. He owns (culled from “Young and Nigerian”). His blog has been nicknamed the “high priest of Nigerian culture.”
The blog is culture driven, and it features content that highlights the rich culture of Nigeria. Through its job aggregation section, YNaija displays job vacancies and has helped many Nigerians find meaningful employment. You may have personally made use of his platform in ways more than one.
The youth-oriented blog has segments for daily news, politics, opinion, enterprise, TV, teen, and lots more.

In 2016, Chude floated a charity organization with a subsidiary  known as Joy, Inc, registered as a benefit corporation based in Miami, Florida, is also pioneering a new business model, where all profits go to charities.

Its first product this year – The Joy MasterClass made about N500,000 ($1,370) in one day (“And we had a massive waiting list: we could have done a masterclass every 3 days and been fully subscribed!” he said), all of which went to three selected charities – The Hearts of Gold Hospice, Mentally Aware Nigeria, and She Writes Woman.


9. Omoyele Sowore

This guy is a Nigerian political activist.  He is the founder of the popular, a news site that has been named “the Wikileaks of Africa” by The Daily Beast. Based in New York City, Sahara Reporters is supported by grants donated by the Ford Foundation and the Omidyar foundation.

The news website is notorious for first-hand insider information and conspiracy reports without fear of government action. Sahara Reporters has received several threats from individuals whose illegal activities has been exposed on the website as well as from the Nigerian government. A recent report has it that ‘Sahara reporters cannot gross less than $3000 Adsense earnings per month’.

According to Forbes, Omoyele’s net worth stands at $10Million.

In a recent article titled ‘How I Will Defeat Buhari In 2019-Omoyele Sowore’ he opined how this will be achieved see.  here (


10. Loy Okezie

Despite being a graduate of Business Administration, Loy Okezie chose to carve a niche for himself in the technology world. His blog, is the best tech-related blog in Nigeria. The blog features authentic breaking news in the tech world, tech product reviews, and tech market trends, among many more.

Loy Okezie started blogging in 2008, with, but as the blog saw exponential development, Loy changed the name to “Techloy.

Loy Okieze chose to stand out amongst bloggers in Nigeria by delving into the technology niche. Most Nigerian bloggers see the entertainment niche as the only goldmine, but Loy Okieze chose a unique niche, techonology, to promote on his website – Currently, he’s  one of the most sought after bloggers in the area of I.T and technology. As at the time of filing in this report, I had no clues about his recent financial worth in the Nigerian community.( You can find that out yourself).

 11. Mola Ogundele

This young man is the founder of, Nigeria’s best known online music brand. The blog features the hottest gist about the Nigerian music scene. One factor that has helped the blog grow in popularity in recent times is its partnership with top musicians and music producers. Nigerians love music and anything related to music. And since Mola Ogundele is giving it to them just as they want it, his blog keeps growing by leaps and bounds.


12. Makinde Azeez

You must have heard of, Makinde Azeez is the man behind it. He founded naijaloaded in 2009 and has over 500,000 registered users on his website. He isn’t as popular as the other celebrity bloggers, but his website is well known and very popular, especially among the youths.

In my opinion, these bloggers deserve the accolades they get because this business is extremely tough. For one thing blogging requires so much creativity and uniqueness and not many people have these amazing qualities to offer.

However, let me bring you back to how we started this article. I did mention from the onset that I will give attention to the second question in a series of three, that is, “Is blogging in itself a profitable career or business one can consider for a living?”

With the wealth of information you’ve gathered so far, how would you answer that question? Don’t tell me…I know  or can guess your response already.

One Last Thing…

Before I answer the next question on this series in my next article, permit me to introduce one last guy to you.

This guy is the most silent voice in the blogging and social media world. You will NEVER see his images in any forum, platform or on the internet at large (I keep wondering why and how he does it).

Do not take my word for it, he’s the brain behind the successes of about 90% of all bloggers in Nigeria, since virtually all of them (including my humble self, learned from him).

I personally call this guy “The Guru of the Gurus.” This guy has over 1,000 published articles on the internet and still counting…the list will be fully told to you in due course.

The most interesting part of this article is his revelation in a short video in 2014 that I had access to, revealing how he made more than 3.1 Million naira in profits from just ONE of his blogs. I will not want you to miss this once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity.

In the video he’s going to tell you his name.

Please CLICK on the link below to see the REVELATION…

In my next article, I will give attention to the very next question in this series, which is:

“What is blogging and how can one start blogging on the internet?”

Watch out!


In this article, I have told you:

  • That Nigerians make a living from blogging;
  • That blogging is a legitimate career and business;
  • That both males and females can blog;
  • That you can copy the examples of other successful bloggers and make a living also.


If you have enjoyed this article, I will be glad if you will kindly leave a comment or two on the comment form below. I will like to read from you what you think.

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You just might save a life today.

I’m Benaiah.


This blog has been put together to encourage most Nigerian teachers and any other persons interested in developing soft skills on the internet that can make them develop multiple streams of income with time.

Like my domain name suggests, in this blog my primary objective is to intimate you with sure income tips that one can learn, develop and  grow to make a difference in you financial journey.

I know as a teacher many of us are finding it very difficult to etch out a balanced living from month to month. While the greater number of Nigerians are sweating it out there, the Nigerian teacher is feels it more since no one ever considers their plight and what they are facing in everyday living.

Take it or leave, no child out there will pray to become a class teacher one day when he/she grows up as a adult. Through my entire teaching career I’ve carried out a little survey to get an idea about how our younger generation view the teaching profession.

In my own way, I will ask my students in both the junior and senior classes (I teach in a secondary school) a probing question like…’who will like to become a teacher someday when he/she grows up?’ The chorused response over the years in all the schools I have taught is-‘God forbid.’ ‘A teacher?’ ‘Tufiakwa.’

I don’t know if you’ve personally tried that kind of survey in your school (if you are a teacher). Just try and see for yourself. The painful reality are the parents. How many parents out there will ever pray that their children one day become a class teacher in Nigeria?  I’m yet to see one.

When students are discussing careers among themselves, have you ever heard anyone mention ‘Teaching’ as one of the professions to be considered? Not in my widest dream. I may be wrong, but please I stand corrected. Can you tell me your own experience as a teacher? Kindly use the comment box below.

The Real Issue

Since the reality is as painted above, what hope is there for the Nigerian teacher? What other skills can a teacher develop so as to grow from the present state of things while still keeping your job until you’ve grown to a full capacity to make a decision for a change?

Foremost, as a teacher are you personally interested in developing yourself so as to grow as an entrepreneur some day? Do you have a goal in life that you would like to pursue to be able to change your present condition? Have you done any self assessment critically to see objectively where you stand in your own capacity as a person? If given the opportunity to learn a new soft skill that will, with time change your present condition, will you be willing to make time and sacrifice some of your comfort?

Again, how’s your spending habit? Are you disciplined when it comes to money issues? Do you budget your spending? Is your spouse working together with you to be able to build a better future for your children? If given the opportunity, are you sure you can get the right tools that can project you from where you are right now financially?

The questions are endless….

We Have To Start Somewhere! 

This is where I come in.
In the cause of this blog, I will be mentoring you on how to develop a soft online skills that will shoot you legally from where you are right now to a most profitable condition. I will expose you to what you have been neglecting for a long time to a reality on how to grow your intelligence to provide solution to other people’s problems and make a huge, unbelievable living from it, from the comfort of your home.

This new field will make it possible for you to make within N250,000 – N2.5 Million every single month. Take it or leave it, that’s the truth.

For the meantime, go check my brief story at the link below. The journey just started. stay glued to this blog for now. If you have friends you think will be interested in changing their stories within the next few years from now, show them this blog and let them read every published article every week.

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I hope to keep you informed and educated.

Stay tuned and to your success.


  Have you ever head it said: “The Money Is In The List?”

But I’ll rather re-phrase that as: “The Money Is In A Responsive E-mail List.”

Take it or leave it, if you plan to become a professional advanced blogger, then you must think revenue. Yes, without revenue, what are you setting up a blog or working on the internet for?

Yes, I agree that some persons are volunteers who give out just information or surveys or whatever they are doing online. But somewhere, somehow, they have a reason to be working online. For me, revenue is key.

The questions however are:

  • how do you increase revenue without a responsive e-mail list;
  • how do you set-up an e-list?
  • how do you target customers who may be interested in your product?
  • how do you develop an ongoing relationship with your customers so that they stick with you for life?
  • how do you generate a consistent revenue from your business?

These and other burgling questions has been answered in a video 1:30 minutes long by my mentor.

Do you have 1:30 minutes?

If yes, head-up to the link below to see the life-changing experience the exposed there-in. There is a link where you can download the video for future use.


After the video, there are optional links where you’ve been given further details on how to benefit and increase revenue or skills on how to achieve the same result.

Conclusion: Do you know any other method one can use to optimize revenue as a blogger?

Kindly leave me a comment below.