You Can Now Download Basic Technology Textbooks, Based On The New Unified Scheme Of

 Work By The Nigerian Educational Research and

 Development Council (NERDC) Since 2014 For JSS1 To JSS3


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Introducing BST Basic Technology- Made Easy


These beautifully designed textbooks are all electronic (e) versions. The hard copies will be published soon.  I like to refer to the e-version as products without borders. You can access them anywhere in the world.

Again, one very unique feature in the Made Easy series are the illustrative videos attached to the books. For everyone obtaining any copy of this series-either e-version or hard copy, you will be able to download the short videos where necessary.

What Are You To Expect?

For JSS 1 (Basic 7)

The textbook comes with 109 pages, illustrative images and 150 objective test questions for revision, plus answers. There are 7  short demonstrative videos on Technical Drawing at the JSS1 level also.

The most interesting aspect about these videos is that they are quite short-within 3/4 minutes long. So, it won't really waste your data while downloading them for your kids.

One more thing....I did not do the videos alone. In some cases I had to include a foreign educator. Such an interesting twist your child would admire!





What Do We Have For JSS 2?

For JSS 2, as you can see below we have quite a package. The reason for this is that the junk of the job for JSS level must be well covered in this class. This is to prepare students for JSS 3, where they will be writing their final examination in Junior Secondary School. As such, the unified time-table incorporated Technical Drawing, Rescue Operations, Pneumatic and Hydraulic mechanism videos into the program for this class.

In this package, you will be downloading a 107 page textbook loaded with illustrative images, 140 objective test questions and answers plus 27 short demonstrative videos.













What JSS 3 Contains...

JSS 3 has a lot. In this package, you will be obtaining  an e-book that has 137 pages, loaded with beautiful illustrative images, with 200 objective questions gleaned from JSS1 -JSS3 and the answers, plus 6 powerful Technical Drawing Videos.








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