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my name is Benaiah Agejivwie, a Basic Technology teacher. I sincerely appreciate your time in coming this far to download a FREE copy of my product. I won't waste your time.  If you will have no time to read through  this for the moment, I will suggest you save this page and go through every line at your leisure.

Do You Know?
This work is based on the unified curriculum by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) since 2014. You can take a look at the JSS1 to JSS3 schemes by downloading them on the link below. Just CLICK on the appropriate image below:



It is based on this Basic Science and Technology scheme that I developed this flexible, easy to access material for Junior Secondary Schools offering BST (Basic Technology) in Nigeria.

BST Basic Technology-Made Easy Versus E-Learning

The Made Easy series is E-learning friendly. If your school is already running an E-Learning platform like mine, then this resource is for you and your students. Among other things, the advantages of this series is not limited to the following:

  • It individualizes learning so that the student can learn at his/her own pace.

  • It visualizes learning through videos to explain difficult concepts. For example in JSS2, the topic on Pneumatic and Hydraulics tends to explain how a Turbine works. See how the video below explains the concept:

  • This series digitizes the lesson  thereby reducing copying notes in class.

  • There is class extension so that students are able to learn from home.

  • Parent access is possible since they will be responsible for downloading what the child does.

  • The series is upgraded annually so as to meet current curriculum demand in Nigeria.

What Do You Stand To Benefit?

Did you just ask that question? Well, to answer that question, it depends on who is asking. However, for both the teacher and the student, you will benefit a whole lot from this product:

  • If you are a student, this product will assist you to prepare ahead of your teacher.

  • Ability to predict the next lesson and study ahead.

  • Acquire a sound foundation in Geometrical Construction both in Basic Technology and Mathematics.

  • Create a solid foundation for you in Technical Drawing in a Senior Class.

  • Access to a textbook that cannot be stolen or soiled by fellow students.

  • Prepare likely examination questions on your own before examination.

  • Opportunity to reach me personally with any problem concerning this subject.

  • For a teacher in Basic Technology, you have direct access to your lesson notes ready made.

  • Opportunity to access real images of certain devices which are not present in other textbooks.

  • Opportunity to relay downloaded videos in your class while attending to other difficult issues by students.

  • Working and practicing with this product at your convenience.

The list  can go on and on...


What Others Have Said About BST

Basic Technology- Made Easy Series


          A good resource for both teachers and students!

Mr. Mautin Gangbe (Abuja)

As the title, so is the content. Basic Technology Made Easy offers easy options for the teacher of basic technology, to deliver across year groups a robust concept of the subject.
Making use of adequate images and notes supported with evaluative questions at the end of each chapter. A good resource for both teachers and students.


                Valuable Product!

Dear Mr. Benaiah Agejivwie,

Thank you for being an excellent educator! Teachers like you are not easy to find. I appreciate your time, your patience and your creativity in putting the Basic Technology DVD together, and making a dry subject interesting.

Your DVD product made my teaching the subject easier and it also made my students to understand better; students now find the technical and construction aspect more interesting.

Your employer and the nation are so lucky to have you.

Have a great future. You deserve it.



i read your blog on basic technology: 

this is well simplified and really interesting. i have tried some of the textbooks provided and realized that some  are not good enough,and typos and factual errors were not corrected.

i have tried to search for the scheme of work on b-technology but cant find any (except some i discovered on your page)

Do you have the full scheme for jss1 to 3, i will be so much delighted to get a full list,most importantly for jss3

thanks a lot for your effort. looking forward to your reply.

Mrs. Ngozi.



Recommendation of Mr. Benaiah Agejivwie

My name is Jasmin Salami. I am in Jss3Y and I want to briefly talk about my basic technology teacher named Mr. Benaiah Agejivwie. Mr. Benaiah is a tall dark man he works in Fountain heights secondary school. He is a teacher in the school and teaches the subjects basic technology and computer science. He teaches us well but sometimes he might be strict but he is also nice and disciplined.

Mr Benniah has taught in fountain heights for 7 years and is ready to teach for more years.

I like Mr Benniah because he is a very good teacher and his subject is not boring because he is the one teaching it.


From: Salami jasmin

Class: Jss3 y

State: Lagos



       at an affordable price.

The Basic Technology Made Easy e-book has really made my work easy as the book implies .
The book has assisted me very much in the dissemination of information in the teaching and learning domain. The book is clear and concise and offers much information than i expected . The book has really aid me save long hours of preparing notes for my students. In addition my students have turned out the best result in my school for the 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 NECO and ERC certification examination.  
I would actually like to take the time to thank you for preparing this excellent e-book along with the videos at an excellent and very reasonable price. Thank you again for filling a niche at an affordable price. Your e-book was just what i was looking for: a great way to quickly and effortlessly carry out my teaching.

Gorge Tanbiyo (Abuja)


                    the nicest, coolest, most kind person and...

Mr. Benaiah is a fellow human being, who has high standards and focus for his students. Mr. Benaiah is a terrific and wonderful Basic Technology teacher He teaches us everything we need to know about our studies and work. To be honest Mr. Benaiah is one of the nicest, coolest, most kind person and teacher on this planet (she's just joking) in Fountain Secondary School.


                      This series reveals a step by step pathway...

Made easy series is a complete,  integrated,  principle - centered approach to understanding different topics in the basic technology.  With penetrating insights and pointed anecdotes, this series reveals a step by step pathway to each topic in the basic technology. If you don't understand a particular topic in basic technology, this can insight and set you on a path of personal fulfillment.
I am very privileged to know the compiler of this series in person, he is a great phenomenal to the revolution of a great education standard in our junior secondary school. Thanks and God bless... More Grace to you Sir.

Victor ...(Port-Harcourt)


 Would these persons  be lying about this product and the person behind it?


What Are the Credentials of the Author?

          Mr. Agejivwie Benaiah (Author) is the Basic Technology teacher at Fountain Heights Secondary School, Surulere, Lagos.
He has B.Tech in Maritime Technology at the Federal University of Technology (1999)
After over 15 years teaching the subject, he was one of the successful teachers selected in Nigeria by the Honeywell Educators Scholarship Team in 2012 for the U.S. Space Academy at Huntsville, Alabama-U.S.A.

     He has completed various projects in:

  • Wood work

  • Metal work

  • Building Construction

  • Basic Electronics

  • Applied Electricity and

  • Auto Mechanics

I believe my work speaks for itself.


Before You Obtain the STANDARD version...

I have made it possible for you to obtain the full version of this product. The offer is quite affordable that will not put a hole in your pocket.

Ordinarily, the book alone (no matter) the class, goes for N1,200 only while each attached video goes for N500. If we conclude on this analysis, it means for each of the classes, the actual cost will be in the range of:

JSS 1- Textbook = N1,200
Five Videos - 7videos N500 = N3,500
Total Cost for JSS 1 Product = N5,700 only.

JSS 2 Textbook = N1,200
Sixteen Videos - 27videos N500 = N13,500
Total Cost for JSS 2 Product = N14,700 only

JSS 3- Textbook = N1,200
Four Videos - 5videos x N500 = N2,500
Total Cost for JSS 3 Product = N3,700 only

Ordinarily, the analysis above should be the final cost for each of the products. However, this is a teacher/student-based product and practically no book, even in our universities will go for such a "crazy" price.

As such, this product will NOT exceed an affordable price.

For any of the classes, you can obtain the full package for N1,200 only. I think this is the best price for any Nigerian parent.

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I must thank you so much for reading this far while my intro page lasted. The basic reason for sample copies in this series is for you to scrutinize, evaluate and criticize and have a feel of this product.

I know as a human, there might be some mistakes I did not take note of in the cause of putting this material together. As a teacher, parent or student, I will be grateful for any type of feedback you deem appropriate. Any suggestion you forward to me will be greatly appreciated.

If you think of any better way I may have recorded the videos please do not hesitate to tell me. This project is a work in progress. We all know that the journey of a million miles begins with a step. This work is to assist anybody who will make use of it to take that first step.

 Edward Everett Hale once said:

I am only one,

But still I am one.

I cannot do everything;

But still I can do something;

And because I cannot do everything

I will not refuse to do something that I can do.


This work has been based on this simple philosophy.

PS: If you are equally interested in how to produce e-Products like this and set it on a platform as this, do not hesitate to reach me. I will be very glad to assist you and teach you the simple rope. I hope to meet you at the top.

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